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Welfare through world-leading
sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement is a national collaboration between all of Sweden's 21 regions.

Our aim is to promote sustainable procurement and support Sweden's regions in the work towards increased social and environmental sustainability. We do this through follow-up, skills development and communication. The regions have drawn up a program statement that shows the way to our joint vision "Welfare through world-leading sustainable procurement - year 2030".   


The following documents have been produced as a basis for our work.


The work is carried out on behalf of The management network for the regions' Procurement (LfU) and the Regions' Sustainability and Environmental Management Network (RMC). They appoints a steering committee that leads the work. Here you can see who is part of the steering committee.



Map of Sweden

A: Surgical instruments,
care-related paper and
and basic medical equipment

Contact: Josephine Jansson

B: Food & associated services,
housekeeping and nutrition

Contact: David Holfve

C: IT and medical technology (image and function)

Contact: Linda Scott-Jacobsson

D: Wound care, compression
and dental equipment

Contact: Patrick Söderström

E: Medicines

Contact: Jenny Forsell Skoog

Q: General Consumables
and incontinence & stoma

Contact: Annica Palmqvist,
and Johanna Vöks,

G: Medicinteknik

Kontakt: Magnus Strand, Miljöstrateg,

H: Laundry and textiles

Contact: Nathalie Zukowski,

The regions are responsible for identifying risks, setting targets and implementing agreement follow-ups. The regions that cooperate in procurement matters form a procurement region and are responsible for prioritized purchasing categories Within each procurement region there is a regional coordinator. You will find contact details for each procurement region. 

Collaborative partners

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